What Causes Tires to Wear Unevenly?

Row of tires

What causes tires to wear unevenly and how can you keep your set in great condition? Uneven tire wear can be caused by many factors, ranging from misalignment to improper tire pressure. And this excessive tire tread wear can affect everything from car performance to fuel economy. The good news is that preventative maintenance can keep your tires in terrific shape for the long road ahead, and the team at Allen Samuels Auto Group has plenty of tips and tricks to help you.



Why Tire Tread Wear Matters

So, why is uneven tire wear such a problem? First, let’s talk about what tire tread is. Tire tread is the rubber surface that comes in contact with the road as you drive through Waco and Aransas Pass. Tread grips onto the pavement, so you get good control and traction as you drive. But over time, this tread wears out. If you maintain your tires properly, your tread wear will be even. Uneven tire wear means the tread level has deteriorated prematurely, and you’ll need a replacement sooner than you planned. So, what causes uneven tire wear?

Uneven Tire Tread Wear from Improper Inflation

Your tire air pressure plays a huge role in how quickly your tire tread lasts. Each make and model has its own manufacturer-recommended air pressure range. That means that the manufacturer designed the tires to drive, brake, and corner the best within this range. When overly inflated or underinflated, the tires behave more unpredictably. The tread can’t grip the roads properly, which means the ride feels less stable. This leads to uneven wear patterns across your set. 

What can you do about this? Use a manual air pressure gauge or your Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Find your manufacturer-recommended air pressure level in the owner’s manual, and fill up your tires as needed. Do not overfill.

Uneven Tire Tread Wear from Misalignment

Another source of uneven tire wear is misalignment. If you hit a pothole or a curb, you can throw your car’s alignment out of whack in an instant. This can cause your vehicle to work harder to compensate, straining everything from steering to bearings to joints. This can also lead to faster tire tread wear. 

Routine maintenance can help you avoid this issue. Regular alignments and tire rotations will help even out your tire tread wear, so your car works smoothly on the Hutchinson roads. And if you notice any changes in your vehicle after hitting a pothole or curb, schedule an inspection to be on the safe side.

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