What’s the Difference Between Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil?

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Taking on DIY car care tasks allows you to be more aware of the condition of your vehicle and more invested in its overall health. Whether you’re performing an oil change or want to learn more about your model, you may be wondering, “What’s the difference between synthetic oil vs. regular oil?” The team in the Allen Samuels Auto Group service center near Waco are dedicated to sharing our automotive service expertise.

Read on to learn more about synthetic vs. regular oil, and break down the differences of full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blend. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Conventional (Regular) Oil

Often used in internal combustion engines, conventional oil, or regular oil, is a petroleum-based substance that was distilled from crude oil mined in the ground. If your Aransas Pass-area vehicle takes conventional oil, it’s meant to lubricate internal parts and reduce the amount of wear to the engine, while also protecting your engine from high temperatures. Let’s take a look at how synthetic vs. regular oil differ.

Synthetic Oil

Comparing synthetic oil vs. regular oil, synthetic oil is also petroleum-based, however, it is more stable and provides the engine with enhanced lubrication properties. Unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil oxidizes less easily, making it better at maintaining its protective properties, and it’s developed from petrochemicals through intense processes that make it superior to regular oil. While synthetic oil is often more expensive than conventional oil, it also features properties such as:

  • Are less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Offer enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Better protect critical turbocharger parts (when equipped)

Full Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blend

While there are bigger differences between synthetic oil vs. regular oil (sometimes called mineral oils), synthetic oil can be further separated into full synthetic vs. synthetic blends. As expected, a synthetic blend is composed of part synthetic oil and part conventional oil. Choosing a synthetic blend helps reduce the cost compared to full synthetic oil but also provides your engine with enhanced properties not found in standard conventional oil.

Note: For optimal performance, some require full synthetic oil. Be sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the oil type your model requires or reach out to the team in our service center.

Learn More About Your Vehicle With Allen Samuels Auto Group!

On top of knowing the difference between synthetic vs. regular oil and which one is right for your model, there are many ways you know to take care of your vehicle around Hutchinson. Continue learning about your car by taking a look at our other service tips and tricks, but you may similarly enjoy reading about how often you should change your oil or the general maintenance schedule you should keep in mind.

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