How to Remove Corrosion From a Car Battery

Battery Leaking

If your car has been inspected and some corrosion was found, you might wonder what to do next. For those who want to know how to clean car battery corrosion, Allen Samuels Auto Group near Waco is the place to go!


In the following guide from our service team, we tell Aransas Pass drivers what causes car battery corrosion and how to remove corrosion from car battery terminals. Corrosion isn’t the prettiest sight, but if properly cleaned and removed, you’ll have a better-looking surface, and avoid needing a new battery! Learn more below and call us at , or reach out online, for an appointment.

What Does Corrosion Look Like?

Before discussing how to clean car battery corrosion, it’s important to know the warning signs you might have it. This can include having weaker power, trouble starting your model, or low voltage codes flashing while driving in Hutchinson. If you’re noticing any of these, you need to do a visual check for corrosion by following these steps: 


  • Make sure your vehicle is fully cool and hasn’t been used for at least 30 minutes. Then, pop the hood so you can inspect your battery terminals and metal.
  • If your terminal is caked in white (or occasionally a combo of blue/green/teal), powdery material, you have a corrosion problem.
  • When taking a look, you should also be on the lookout for any rust on the metal parts of your cables and terminal. 

What Causes Car Battery Corrosion?

This has been one of the most common questions our Waco service technicians have received. So, what causes car battery corrosion? As your battery is constantly heating and cooling while driving around Waco, it’s releasing hydrogen gases through ventilation. As these gases are always let out, they mix with any surrounding material and create a substance at the connection point. This substance is the visible corrosion you see, and it occurs at the terminal where your electric connection is in the case of a car battery.

How to Clean Car Battery Corrosion

Now that you know what causes car battery corrosion, you need to know how to remove corrosion from car battery terminals. There are two main ways to learn how to clean car battery corrosion. You can use solutions brought from an auto parts store that are made specifically for car batteries, or you can make your own solution using household products. For each option, you need to put on gloves, goggles, and a respirator when handling the solution to protect yourself as you’re working under the hood.


Using a Professional Battery Cleaner

  • You can acquire a battery cleaning solution or any other electrical contact cleaning spray from an auto store. Spray it liberally on the affected surface of your battery, then brush it with a wire brush until all the corrosion is gone.


DIY Battery Cleaning Solution

  • Remove your terminal connectors, then pour baking soda on the corrosion to neutralize the acid. You then add some water to catalyze a reaction. Dry with a paper towel, then brush the affected area with a scrub sponge.


Once you remove the corrosion from your vehicle’s battery terminals, you can prevent future corrosion with a rust inhibitor spray, a spray battery protector, or an anti-corrosion gel. 

Schedule Battery Service at Allen Samuels Auto Group!

Beyond how to remove corrosion from car battery terminals, it’s important to follow your regular battery maintenance schedule, as this can protect the terminal’s condition. If you need a professional inspection, come down to the Allen Samuels Auto Group service center near Waco! Whether you’re dealing with battery corrosion, grinding brakes, or need an air filter changed, our Waco technicians can handle it all!

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