How Often to Replace a Car Battery

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

Understanding the pivotal role your battery plays in kickstarting your vehicle, it’s crucial to grasp how often to replace a car battery. This knowledge minimizes the risk of being stranded with a dead battery, whether you’re in your Waco garage or navigating the streets of Waco or Aransas Pass. In this comprehensive guide, explore the recommended frequency for car battery replacement, signs indicating the need for replacement, and effective methods for testing a car battery, all provided by the skilled service team at Allen Samuels Auto Group.

How to Know If Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced

A failing battery often exhibits distinct signs that signal its approaching end. If you observe any of these indicators, prioritize the replacement of your battery to avoid potential issues. Here’s how to know if your car battery needs to be replaced:

  • Dimming headlights
  • Increased need for engine revs or jumpstarts to start your vehicle
  • Noticeable fluctuations in vehicle power
  • The engine lags or struggles when you turn the key/push the button

How to Test a Car Battery

Various methods can assess the health of your car battery, with the headlight test and digital multimeter being the most common. Both provide reliable results indicating whether a replacement is necessary. Here’s how to test a car battery using these methods:

The Headlight Test

  1. Turn on the engine and headlights while keeping the car in park.
  2. Rev the engine and check if the brightness of the headlights changes.
  3. If the headlights are noticeably brighter, the battery current is not strong enough to keep the lights at normal brightness when the car is idling.
  4. Bring your car into our service center for more testing and a potential battery replacement.

With a Digital Multimeter

  1. Set the voltmeter to 20 DC volts.
  2. Pop the hood, and touch the negative black terminal with the negative meter probe, which is also black.
  3. Touch the red positive terminal with the red positive meter probe.
  4. Switch on the headlights and check the voltmeter reading.
  5. 12.5 volts or higher means your battery is fully charged; 12.3 volts means it’s around 75% charged; and 11.8 volts or lower means you have a charge of 25% or less.

How Much is a Replacement Car Battery?

If you find yourself in need of a new battery, you might be wondering about the cost. So, how much is a replacement car battery? Generally, anticipate spending between $75 to $200 for a new car battery. Keep in mind that replacement car batteries for electric or hybrid vehicles come with a significantly higher price tag due to their increased workload.

Schedule a Battery Replacement at Allen Samuels Auto Group

Armed with knowledge on how often to replace a car battery and how to test it, if it’s time for a replacement, reach out to us or take a look at your car’s maintenance schedule. Alternatively, if you prefer a DIY approach, explore our parts center and order the battery your vehicle requires. We’re here to help you maintain your car’s optimal performance on the streets of Hutchinson and beyond!

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