What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

Car Insurance And Key

What does comprehensive auto insurance cover? If you are in the market for a brand new vehicle, it is a good idea to know the answer to this question. Comprehensive auto coverage protects against damage to your car that was not the result of a collision. For example, If your vehicle is lost, stolen, or vandalized, those with comprehensive insurance will be covered. Comprehensive auto insurance also usually covers a cracked or broken windshield. Allen Samuels Auto Group is here to explain this type of insurance, so you can decide if you are interested in obtaining it.

The Basics of Comprehensive Car Insurance

How does comprehensive car insurance coverage compare to other types of auto insurance? See how it differs from gap insurance, liability insurance, and collision insurance:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: Your vehicle could be damaged in many other ways other than a collision. Any of the situations mentioned above unfortunately happen, you will be covered.
  • Gap Insurance: A new car suffers significant depreciation the second you leave the dealership. Unfortunately, the remaining balance on your loan does not drop that quickly. If you are involved in a collision early on after your vehicle is purchased, you could end up owing more on your vehicle than it is worth. Gap insurance protects you from this.
  • Liability Insurance: If you are the driver at fault in a collision, you’ll be held responsible for damages caused to others. Liability insurance pays to repair or replace the vehicles of other drivers if you are the cause of a collision. It also covers the medical bills of those injured in the crash.
  • Collision Insurance: Collision insurance protects your car, whether you are involved in a single-car or multi-car collision. If your vehicle is damaged or totaled, your vehicle’s collision insurance will cover the cost of fixing your car or finding a new one.

Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to have certain types of insurance. Other forms of coverage may be optional. If you are not sure what is required by your state, contact the team at Allen Samuels Auto Group.

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