Can I Pay Off My Car Loan to Avoid Future Interest?

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When you are in the market for a new vehicle, it is likely that you want to save as much money as possible on your purchase. That is why many drivers look for ways to reduce the amount of interest on their loans. Because of this, you may have asked the question, “Does paying off a car loan early avoid interest?” The answer is yes – in many cases, paying off a car early can help you save money in the long run. In fact, paying off your car loan before the end of the loan term is a great way to reduce your interest payments! While it may be a bit more of a challenge to pay off the loan before it is due, it is worth the extra effort. If you’d like to look into this possibility, read the guide below from the financing experts at Allen Samuels Auto Group.

What Happens When You Pay Off a Car Loan Early

If you feel like your car loan and its accumulation of interest payments are all that stand in the way between you and financial freedom, it makes a lot of sense to ask, “Should I pay my car off early?” If you budget carefully, it can be done. However, before you decide whether this option is right for you, you need to be familiar with your loan terms. Learn more about paying off your car loan early with Allen Samuels Auto Group.

Does Paying Off a Car Loan Early Avoid Interest?

The sooner you finish paying off your loan, the sooner interest stops accumulating. You can see a significant drop in interest even by paying as little as an extra $50 every time your payment is due. Keep in mind that depending on the terms of your loan, you could be charged a penalty for paying the loan off early. Many car loans charge simple interest, which is determined based on the principal balance you still need to pay off.

When you try to make principal-only payments and you have a simple interest loan, you may find that the lender applies the additional money to the interest balance that was predetermined over the entire duration of the loan before the principal balance.

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